Using Social Media to Grow your Real Estate Business…

Here are a few ways to use social media to help grow your real estate business.

• Most people use the web to find real estate agents and listings, make that easy for them when it comes to you. Have your website updated frequently, make sure that you are showing in local Google searches and have shareable listings.
To make it easier for you and your potential client to share on social platforms… make sure listings have responsive layouts, clear photography and simple share buttons.

• Referrals are the best kind of marketing for real estate agents. On your Facebook Page, enable both reviews and services. For ease of communication, make sure clients can book appointments with you or message you with questions. On your website, list client testimonials and information about your services. Do you provide free consultations and can they be booked online? Finding an agent can be difficult enough. Make the process for connecting to you as simple as possible.

• Capture a potential client’s attention with a Facebook video instead of a photo for your Facebook Page cover. A new feature for Facebook Pages, video covers automatically play when someone lands on your Page. You can instantly showcase yourself to people and highlight something captivating about your business. If you offer FREE consultations, speak about that in the video and then edit your call-to-action button to “Book Now”.

• Go Live at a property. Using Facebook Live for business lets you provide a behind-the-scenes, unedited look at a listed property. If you promote it before the listing goes up, it gives your followers the feeling of an ‘inside scoop’. These videos are an excellent way to engage your audience and are ranked well in Facebook feeds.

As always, if you have any questions about these ideas—feel free to comment.

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