Realtors…Why should you use Social Media? Read ON…

Why Social Media Marketing??
A recent survey from Google shows that 2 out of 3 people searching for a real estate agent will research them extensively online prior to doing business with them. That information should be enough of a reason to compel you to put some real work into your online marketing and Social Media presence.

I put together a list of bullet points that you may find useful:

Content Creation:

• Posts with photos get far more engagement than posts
with just text
• Use clear and compelling photos
• Create original posts that capture your brand
• Put yourself out there as an expert in your field, a trusted
• Educate people with your content
• The journey to home ownership is a series of questions
that must be answered, create posts and video that
answer those questions
• Anything with a visual component is more than 40 TIMES
more likely to be shared
• Use photos and video of yourself doing things and talking
with others, people want to see you
• Original content has been shown to generate 6.9 times
the engagement of brand-generated, cookie cutter
• Videos have the highest engagement rate
• FB should be a part of your marketing strategy for the
rest of 2018

Social Media Stats that you should pay attention to:

• FB reaches 2 billion active users monthly
• 62.1% of North America is on FB
• More than half of US residents use FB several times a
• Users access FB on average 8 times a DAY
• 400 new users signup to FB every MINUTE
• FB is the “most important” social platform for marketers
• 91% of Social Media users are accessing their Social
Media platforms via mobile devices (MAKE SURE that
your content translates well to a mobile view)
• 76% of FB users are on the platform daily
• FB continues to be the most widely used Social Media
platform with 79% of American internet users
• 81% of millennials check Twitter at least once a day
• LinkedIn has over 530 million user profiles
• Snapchat is reaching 41% of 18-34 year olds
• 51% of Instagram users access the platform daily and
35% look at the platform several times per day
• 57% of consumers say Social Media influences their
• 93% of Social Media advertisers use FB ads
• The average LinkedIn user spends 17 minutes on the
site monthly
• By 2020 over 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will
be video

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Using Social Media to Grow your Real Estate Business…

Here are a few ways to use social media to help grow your real estate business.

• Most people use the web to find real estate agents and listings, make that easy for them when it comes to you. Have your website updated frequently, make sure that you are showing in local Google searches and have shareable listings.
To make it easier for you and your potential client to share on social platforms… make sure listings have responsive layouts, clear photography and simple share buttons.

• Referrals are the best kind of marketing for real estate agents. On your Facebook Page, enable both reviews and services. For ease of communication, make sure clients can book appointments with you or message you with questions. On your website, list client testimonials and information about your services. Do you provide free consultations and can they be booked online? Finding an agent can be difficult enough. Make the process for connecting to you as simple as possible.

• Capture a potential client’s attention with a Facebook video instead of a photo for your Facebook Page cover. A new feature for Facebook Pages, video covers automatically play when someone lands on your Page. You can instantly showcase yourself to people and highlight something captivating about your business. If you offer FREE consultations, speak about that in the video and then edit your call-to-action button to “Book Now”.

• Go Live at a property. Using Facebook Live for business lets you provide a behind-the-scenes, unedited look at a listed property. If you promote it before the listing goes up, it gives your followers the feeling of an ‘inside scoop’. These videos are an excellent way to engage your audience and are ranked well in Facebook feeds.

As always, if you have any questions about these ideas—feel free to comment.

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How to Stand Out on Instagram…

A few quick thoughts about standing out on Instagram:

First, use quality images

Use quality photos, and if you are adding words to photos, make sure they are readable. Make sure the photo is clear, in focus, high resolution, and can be viewed easily on all media devices. When adding quotes or words to photos, use font colors that stand out and can be easily seen. Most people are viewing everything on Instagram from their phones, so if your photo is of poor quality, it will appear blurry and distorted and will be quickly passed by. Not to mention, people viewing it will develop an opinion of your brand that is unfavorable. Brands that are posting low quality photos are seen as not paying enough attention to their social media presence.

Second, use engaging content

Social media was designed to create relationships. Take advantage of that and post photos that draw people in and provide a positive reaction. Post photos of people using your product or service to engage other people. Don’t simply post pictures of your product or service – nobody cares, and social media platforms are not for selling. Rather, they are for encouraging people to relate to you and your brand. Post images that inspire and contribute. Social media is best used as a place to ‘give,’ not a place to ‘get’ — keep that in mind when managing your brand and posting content.

Third, stay on message

Keep content focused on the message of your brand. If you are a shoe company, don’t post hundreds of pictures of food. Many brands make the mistake of spreading too wide and away from their core objective, which confuses people. It needs to always be very clear to people who you are and what you do. Consumers need to be able to count on you to deliver what you promise, and if your social media is all over the place, it dilutes your ability to produce the desired result.

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3 Social Media Tips for Realtors…

Here are 3 quick tips to help you increase your social media audience for your Real Estate Business…

Create Video Walk-throughs for your Listings

Video walk-throughs offer more insight into how a home is realistically laid out. This doesn’t have to be a professionally shot video, it can simply be something that you shoot yourself with your iphone. Video yourself walking through the property and explaining the layout to the people watching, talk about your favorite things regarding the property and point out things of note—such as extra closets, type of heat, extra cabinet space etc.

This addition to your listing information will give the prospective buyer the feel of what it is like to be inside the space personally.

Create an Informative Blog

You can easily start a blog for free on WordPress or you can build one into your real estate site. People want to be informed and educated and this is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your field. As we have said before in this group original content is invaluable. To build an established and well trafficked blog takes time, however there is no time like the present to begin sharing your love and knowledge of real estate with the public.

Make sure the blog is useful and that gives people information that they need and will be interested in. Create infographics about mortgage rates or home prices or anything else you think would be useful. Also integrate videos and other media and start sharing it everywhere you can on all of your social media platforms.

Get Your Instagram On

Instagram is another great resource for reaching people. While Facebook is still the top platform for reaching the type of people you want to reach, you still need to have a presence on Instagram when it comes to your real estate business. Use this platform as an opportunity to post photos and videos of real estate or to capture some other relevant lifestyle imagery that will help you connect to people. Create relationship with others by searching for popular or relevant hashtags and then commenting and liking. Also check out what your competition might be doing on the platform as well.

Have fun with these and remember to be AUTHENTIC!

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5 Social Media Mistakes

Social Media is a powerful tool and most companies have at least dipped their toes into the pool of these new platforms, however some of them are making avoidable mistakes.  Here are 5 common mistakes that I see a lot of businesses making with social media…

  1. Overuse of Automated Responses–  setting up an auto-response to appear for any comment made on your platforms can be a mistake because it shows a lack of engagement on the part of the business.  People quickly become aware that the same canned response is being given to every comment and it demonstrates to them that nobody is really paying attention.  Also in the case of a grievance or a complaint, that canned auto-response may net you a VERY unfavorable reaction from a client or customer.
  2. Mixed Messaging/ Going OFF Brand–   the brand strategy and overall messaging can get thrown off course when there are too many people with their hand in the social media accounts.  Postings from different people can result in a campaign that appears “all over the place” to your audience.  A business is best served by having a dedicated social media manager or hiring an outside firm that is clear on the strategy to be executed.  Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the meal, as the saying goes…
  3. Failure to Engage–   the nature of social media is to create relationships with your target audience, failing to respond and engage with your audience will produce unsuccessful results.  You have to be ready and willing to take the time to reply to comments and offer new opportunities for people to interact with you.  Simply posting things will not make the most of your efforts—driving engagement is key to creating an interactive experience for your audience which makes them want more of what you have to offer.
  4. Poor Use of Hashtags–   let us start with the actual definition of a ‘hashtag’ for those of you that may be in the dark.  “Hashtag”- A word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a message or post to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it. Whenever a user adds a hashtag to their post, it’s able to be indexed by the social network and becomes searchable/discoverable by other user”.  That being said 59 hashtags accompanying your post is just, quite simply, annoying to the reader.  A few relevant hashtags for the sake of making your post searchable is acceptable.  Be advised to investigate trending hashtags prior to attaching them to your posts, make sure that what comes up in a search for that tag is exactly what you expected.  There have been cases of people using a trending hashtag that ends up highlighting them in searches for subject matter that they did not intend to be a part of.  Do your homework before attaching things to your content.
  5. Using Trending NEWS to Promote Yourself–  be careful what you associate your business with, the best example of a misstep with this one is when GAP used the news stories of Hurricane Sandy to tell people that they should stay inside and shop online at GAP.  It backfired terribly on them and they ended up having to apologize profusely to the public for being insensitive.  So make sure that if you are associating yourself with a news story, it comes across to the public the way that you intend.

All of the mistakes listed above can easily be avoided by paying attention to your audience and having a clear direction for strategy complete with a working understanding of the brand and messaging that is to be communicated.

If your company has not yet jumped into the world of social media platforms it needs to, this is the new media and it’s going to have to be dealt with, like it or not.  I know many companies that have their ‘head in the sand’ when it comes to getting involved in all the different platforms, however if they continue to ignore it, they will fail.  Social Media is here to stay and if you want to stay relevant you better get on board.

(C) 2017 N. Federico/ Fortunato Partners, Inc.

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Rethink Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing people will often tell you to focus on the competition as part of your marketing strategy, I disagree.  The competition should never be a core component of your strategy, there will ALWAYS be competition out there and if you spend too much time focusing on them and what they are doing you are likely to lose sight of what’s really important.  Obsessing over the competition has you putting energy in the wrong place.  That mentality gears you up for a battle instead of concentrating on bringing something to unique to the people that you serve.

Being aware of your competitors is a wise practice, know who they are and what they are offering and at what price point and then get busy spending your time on delivering new value to your customers/clients.  If you can create a NEW marketspace for what you are doing then your competition becomes irrelevant.

A New Year is approaching and with it comes fresh opportunities to utilize ALL new media outlets to drive value—start looking at your communications and your social media plans—are you using them to create value and solution oriented conversation for the people that you serve?  Or are you still trying to do everything like you used to do it?  In order to remain in the game you MUST evolve into the new conversations and the new mediums.

Look for ways to be disruptive, innovative, authentic and creative…start thinking about your business in new ways and then let the competition start worrying about you!

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A Love Affair…

A good Brand needs to ignite a love affair between itself and its customers.  That relationship becomes something that people can’t live without, something that they will go out of their way to be involved with.   A  great Brand will naturally bring return business because its biggest concern is its relationship with its customers…most people and businesses these days aren’t concerned much with relationship, they are more concerned with telling you what they want you to know about them.

There are so many things grabbing for your attention in this new media world…the only things that are really going to capture attention are things that are so different from the ‘norm’ that you can’t help but notice them.  The handwritten thank you note is one of those things…hardly anyone takes the time to send them anymore, yet it is such a strong statement that you do things differently.   Brands that are committed to doing things differently and taking care of people are the brands that will win as the economy revives itself…

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